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020 8974 9331  

(or pop in & speak to a receptionist)

Telephone line opening times:-  

Monday             8:00-5:30pm

Tuesday            8:00-5:30pm  (closed 1.00-3.45pm on Tues 5th Feb 2019 for staff training)

Wednesday      8:00-5:30pm

Thursday          8:00-5:30pm

Friday               8:00-3:30pm  (please note we will be closed for staff training on 5th April 1:00-3:30pm)

See appointment times

If you are attending an appointment and arrive late we may not be able to see you and you may need to rebook your appointment.  Please allow plenty of time to get here & to register at reception.

If you no longer need your appointment, please cancel it in good time, in order that someone else can take your place.  Thank you.

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No appointment required.    Please allow at least 2 hours for your visit.

Please note we are closed on all bank holidays        Clinic Closure for Easter notice – 2019

Monday        8–11am everyone welcome

Tuesday        8-11am everyone welcome  &  (The Point) 4-7pm for 18 yrs & under only* 

Wednesday  8-11am everyone welcome  &  (K2)  5-7pm  for Gay/Bisexual Men only*

Thursday      8-11am everyone welcome

Friday           8-11am everyone welcome

* patients attending these clinics are also welcome to attend our general clinics detailed above




(only currently available for patients without symptoms coming for an STI check-up)



Image result for free to download telephone icon  BOOK THIS APPOINTMENT BY TELEPHONE FOR MONDAY, TUESDAY & FRIDAY – 020 8974 9331

This STI testing appointment is NOT suitable for you if you:-

*Have any symptoms# or concerns*     “Are under 18*     *Are a gay or bisexual man*     *Have been in contact with someone who has an infection or who has HIV*      *Have been sexually assaulted*    *You or your partner are from a high risk country – Africa, Asia, South America, Caribbean, Eastern Europe*    *You wish to discuss any worries or concerns about your health with a doctor or nurse*    *You require contraception or a pregnancy test*   * You require PEPSE (Post Exposure Prophylaxis for Sexual Exposure)*  You require a smear test or another service *

#a symptom is a change in your body or health that you are worried about, eg, unusual discharge, pain when passing urine, any pelvic or abdominal pain, any pain in your testicles, rashes or itching, pain during sex)

I have read the above and understand that if I book this appointment and attend the clinic, but I am not suitable for this clinic, an alternative appointment will be made for me on a different day/time.





Sexual Health London (SHL) is a new online sexual health service which is ideal for people who want a straightforward and convenient test without needing to visit the clinic. You are eligible for this service if you have no symptoms, are over 16 and live in a London Borough (including Kingston upon Thames).

Just register for SHL and complete the online consultation.

If the service is right for you, a free kit will be posted out so you can take your own samples and return them directly to the SHL lab for testing – results will be with you in just a few days.