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More about Kingston Sexual Health (KISH) Network


KISH Vision:
A clinically governed, comprehensive and equitable sexual health partnership offering modern, inclusive and accessible sexual health care, through a co-ordinated network across Kingston.

Clearly communicated care pathways will deliver an integrated, patient-focused, holistic, and high quality service, delivered in a cost effective manner, which is responsive to the sexual health needs of our local communities.


 Values of the KISH:

 Patient centred
    –    Shaped by consultation – with service users, public
–    Equitable

Fit for purpose
    –    Realistic
–    Affordable

Evidence based
    –    Focus on outcomes
–    Innovative
–    High quality

    –    Supportive
    –    Coherent
    –    Collective responsibility 



The Role:
The Kingston Integrated Sexual Health (KISH) Network Board will: implement the agreed Kingston Integrated Sexual Health Specification through a three tiered model; to deliver appropriate care pathways and to manage and monitor quality through the overall structure and governance of KISH.

The KISH Board:
Members: Kingston Hospital NHS Trust, Primary Care (GPs and Pharmacists), Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Community service, Your Health Care (social enterprise),  NHSK (NHS Kingston), Royal Borough of Kingston (RBK),  Kingston GP Clinical Commissioning Group (KGPCCG), 3rd sector representation, London Sexual Health Programme, South West London HIV & GUM Clinical Services Network (SWAGNET).

3 Subgroups:

1.    Stakeholder Engagement sub group:

–  Public and Patient Engagement (PPE) in service development/redesign
–  Communication – marketing, branding of the network

2.    Network Delivery and Specification Implementation sub group:

–  Clinical Governance
–  Service Redesign and Care Pathway
–  Workforce development & Training

3.    Business, Data and Performance Management sub group:

–  Business (finance & Contracts) Management,
–  Communication – Information governance, sharing, technology
–  Data Management


  • Developed a vision and action plan to deliver the NHSK sexual health strategy
  • Redesigning services to improve quality, efficiency and meet with the NHSK Sexual Health Service Specification
  • Ensure services are located and developed filling gaps identified by the Sexual Health Needs Assessment findings
  • Keeping all providers informed of evidence based practice to ensure high quality of service whilst meeting the needs of the local population
  • Developing service specification and performance monitoring framework
  • Designing and developing services in consultation with service users and the public
  • Developing a workforce strategy and training framework relevant to the development of an integrated service
  • Developing robust marketing and communication strategy to ensure information is disseminated appropriately at all levels
  • Working closely with SWAGNET on developing training framework for professionals



  • To develop outreach services for hard to reach communities
  • To encourage an increase in the uptake of Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) within the female population of 15 – 44 year olds
  • To encourage community providers to train and deliver non complex sexual health services
  • To encourage HIV tests in primary care to reduce the level of late HIV diagnosis
  • To encourage services to screen for Chlamydia to identify higher positivity rates for Chlamydia screening amongst 15-24 year olds to ensure asymptomatic patients get diagnosed and treated
  • To ensure local people have access to local services
  • To integrate sexual violence (assault and abuse) identification and support (for staff and victims) within the developing model of care
  • Develop training programme within services to ensure professional development is fully supported by expertise within services
  • To support the commissioners in their future administering and commissioning sexual health services.