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Referring a Patient

All referrals should be made electronically. This method is quicker, more efficient and more secure than paper referral and ensures that we receive our requests and can action them as quickly as possible for you.

Sending a Referral Letter

If sending a referral letter, you should only email it from the practice account to our account below as this is a secure method of sending the referral:

If you are unsure about a referral and would like some advice please contact us on 0208 974 9331.

Please do not send referrals to individual staff email addresses as these may not  be picked up during times of leave.

Please do not refer patients to our service for women aged 55 or over to fit/replace a IUS for non-contraception reasons.    (Please refer to Gynaecology).

Contacting us by telephone

If you would like to speak directly to a Doctor or Nurse please dial 020 8974 9331 (call centre).

To speak to a Consultant, Lead Nurse or Manager, please contact the secretaries on 020 8934 3999 or 020 8934 6845.