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GP referrals

We are very happy to discuss individual cases with local GPs to help support appropriate and timely management, especially whilst COVID-19 restrictions continue to impact the accessibility of all NHS services. Please email The Wolverton if time allows or call during opening hours to discuss with a senior clinician.

Please read below for information about common referrals we receive and how we are able to support local GPs:

Some issues such as candida or bacterial vaginosis may require additional support and management with prophylactic or repeat treatments.

Some STIs, such as Herpes, may require specialist management including suppressive treatment.

Please send a referral with a full medical history and documentation to indicate medication regimes already trialed.

We will discharge patients back to their GP for ongoing management when stable.

Patient information on our website

GP referrals are not accepted for erectile dysfunction. Please refer to the local service available via chose and book.