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Psychology, Counselling & Support Services

Patients newly diagnosed with HIV see our specialist HIV nurse for initial counselling support and information.  If appropriate we can arrange an appointment for you to see:


Clinical psychologists (Kate Coughlan & Alison Lane) for an assessment and further therapy.    They have clinics at the Wolverton Centre on a Wednesday.

Social worker

We have close links with specialist social workers in Kingston and Richmond and can make referrals on your behalf.

Support & Counselling – South London HIV Partnership – First Point

In South London there is a group of services working together to complement the work of the clinic staff and other HIV services so you can get the best information, advice and support when you need it.  There are 5 different services with specific support and advice tailored to your needs and concerns.

First Point is the place to start to sort out what you need and make referrals on your behalf regarding:

  • HIV Health Support Service.
  • Counselling (available at the Wolverton centre).
  • Peer Support.
  • Advice and Advocacy.

At the Wolverton the First Point representative is: Helen
Helen is available at the Wolverton Centre on Tuesdays and some Thursdays.

Please email or