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Contraception clinics

The Wolverton Centre currently offer the following contraceptive services (family planning)

1. Emergency contraception (click to find out more)

  • Emergency pill (the morning after pill)
  • Emergency coil (a small plastic and copper device that is inserted into your womb)

2. Routine contraception (click to find out more)

  • Male condom
  • Female condom
  • The Pill (taken daily)
  • Natural family planning

3.  Long acting reversible contraception (click to find out more)

  • Injection – given in the buttocks every 3 months
  • Implant – a small flexible rod inserted in the upper arm lasting up to 3 years
  • Coil  – a plastic/copper device inserted into the womb lasting up to 5 years


If you would like to have a coil inserted, please book an appointment to discuss this first.

If you have been referred by your GP and/or have a complicated issue (missing coil threads, other medical condition) you will need to be seen in our Complex Contraception Appointment Clinic*.  Please discuss this when you telephone.

Please note we are not able to fit/replace IUS for women aged 55 or over for non-contraception reasons.    (Please contact your GP).


If you need emergency contraception and the clinic is closed clinic here