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Sex / Adult Entertainment Industry

Information For People Working In The Sex and Adult Entertainment Industry

The Wolverton centre offers a full sexual health and contraceptive service to anyone who is working, has worked or is associated with any part of the sex industry. We can also put you in touch with different organisations who can offer further help and support in other aspects of your life.

Our service here is completely free and confidential and all our staff will be discreet and respectful in all aspects of your care.

What We Offer

All sexual health services in the UK are free and confidential (even for foreign visitors). No other NHS departments, government agencies, the police or immigration can access any our records.

When you telephone or visit us, we would like to ensure that you speak to the right clinician straight away who can provide all of the services you require, to help us do this please tell the receptionist you are here for the Delta service, if you prefer not to do this simply book in. If you wish to speak with the specialist nurse directly to ask any questions, arrange to see him/ her or for us to come to you please call 020 8974 9331.

The benefits of letting the clinician you see know that you work in the sex industry are that we can offer you more specialist help, advice and service here which do vary from what we would offer to someone who is not working.

When can I come?

The Wolverton Centre clinic times

When you visit us we can offer;

We have good links with other local agencies that we can put you in touch with including drug and alcohol support, advice for trafficked women and advice on leaving sex work.


If you work in the adult entertainment industry and require a certificate of your results, we can issue these, however, there is a charge of £30 and we will require a passport to verify your identity and validate your certificate.

Outreach Service

We can come out to where you work to supply free condoms, lubricant, gloves and promote sexual health issues like safe sex practices and condom use.  If you wish to arrange this please ring the clinic and ask to speak to the Nurse in Charge.

Ugly Mugs

Have you been a victim of attack, mugging, robbery, rape, sexual assault, abusive behaviour, burglary or assault due to your sex work?  Would you like to report what has happened to you so that other women and men in our area can be made aware?

Services like ours all over the country keep a log of incidents and descriptions of the perpetrator, what was said or done and/or his/ her car to help other sex workers avoid being put in the same situation as you.  We distribute this information to sex workers who attend the clinic and when we visit sex venues. We do not report this to the police.

We would always encourage you to report these crimes to the police who will listen to you as the victim of a crime despite the work you do. Alternatively you can call Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.