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Pre Exposure Prophylaxis – PrEP

Pre Exposure Prophylaxis – PrEP – is medication used before sex to reduce the risk of getting HIV. It does not protect against pregnancy or other sexually transmitted infections.

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Whether to use PrEP or not will depend on your personal circumstances which may change overtime.

If you don’t know if your partner does or does not have HIV and it is sometimes difficult to use condoms PrEP may make sex safer.

PrEP is not needed if:

  • your partner does not have HIV – ask them about their most recent STI test
  • you are always able to use condoms if you don’t know your partner’s status
  • your partner has HIV and takes regular HIV treatment and has an undetectable viral load. Read more about Undetectable = Untransmittable.



PrEP can be used daily (daily dosing) or just around the times you think you may be having sex (event based dosing / holiday PrEP).

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PrEP is now provided free on the NHS from sexual health clinics if your circumstances make it the best choice for you.

PrEP can also be legally bought online.

However you get PrEP you should have some tests before / when you start PrEP:

  • HIV blood test – to check you do not already have HIV as PrEP medication does not help to treat HIV only to prevent it
  • Kidney function blood test – to check PrEP medication is safe for you to use.
  • STI tests – as part of your routine sexual health care to ensure you have no other infections that should be treated

If you continue taking PrEP these tests should be repeated at regular intervals

Please contact your local sexual health clinic to discuss if PrEP is right for you.

If The Wolverton is your local clinic please contact us and let us know you would like to start taking PrEP. We will offer you an appointment to discuss PrEP. If you need to take PrEP; we will arrange testing and be able to offer you PrEP medication to collect from the clinic.

Please contact your current / nearest service – find your nearest service here:

If The Wolverton is your local clinic:

If you are already receiving PrEP from us please ensure you have completed and received your home testing results before contacting us.

If you wish to transfer to receive PrEP from us please contact us and let us know; we will arrange an appointment to organise your transfer.



We no longer run a walk-in service however, we still offer same day emergency appointments and appointments in the week including evenings.

Please call the clinic on the call centre number below before attending and we can then ensure to book you into the correct appointment type.