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Information for Healthcare Professionals

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we have maintained an open access service, however like all providers this stopped including our walk in clinics. We are therefore asking patients not to attend the service without calling  first. If they attend The Wolverton during our opening hours without an appointment we will assess them for emergency care (including emergency contraception, post exposure HIV prophylaxis, vulnerabilities or threats of violence) and will then assist them to book a future appointment for an appropriate time.

All asymptomatic patients requesting an STI screen are sign posted to online home test provider depending on their postcode.

At this time, to reduce travel, all patients are requested to use their local sexual health clinic – search here:

Our current model of care includes:

  • telephone triage with a senior clinician
  • booking a call back telephone consultation
  • then self management advice, consult and collect medication or face-to-face appointments as appropriate

We continue to provide contraception however if repeat prescriptions are required and can be facilitated by a local pharmacy via the GP this would be our preferred option. Some residents are able to order free contraception online.

If directing a patient to contact The Wolverton as their local service for an issue they have discussed with you please advise them an initial telephone consultation will be required with our service and then management options offered will be as indicated by their issues. This may not require an examination or face-to-face appointment.

We are very happy to discuss individual cases with local GPs to help support appropriate and timely management, especially whilst COVID-19 restrictions continue to impact on the accessibility of all NHS services. Please email The Wolverton if time allows or call during opening hours to discuss with a senior clinician.

GP referrals are accepted via email for a variety of issues. Please see further advice and required information here.

Our current training offer has been adjusted to reflect COVID-19 safety. Please email The Wolverton and inform us of your training need so we can discuss this specifically with you.

We have altered the way we work. Please call the clinic before travelling to see us. If you attend the service without an appointment we will assess your need for emergency care and immediate safety and then assist you to book a future appointment.