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Following national guidance about sensible steps that health services should take to limit the spread of Coronavirus, we are trying to reduce the number of patients attending the Hospital where appropriate. Please read the following information.

If it is not always safe for you at home please visit this website around COVID-19, domestic abuse and local support available. You can also attend The Wolverton Centre during our opening hours to ask for assistance. If you are in danger please dial 999.

  • Emergency Care
    • If you require Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) for an HIV risk or Emergency Contraception please call for a telephone consultation and tell us that your need is urgent. If our telephone lines are closed please access PEP from an Emergency Department and Emergency Contraception from a pharmacy.
    • If you have been sexually assaulted please contact the Police and or a Sexual Assault Referral Centre
  • Young People If you are concerned about your own safety, online or in person, or the safety of someone that you know or live with please contact one of these support services, call us for advice or 999 in an emergency. If you are concerned for your safety you can attend the service during our telephone opening hours. These websites also offer support and signposting.
  • Results you will be contacted when your results are available. Please do not call us for your results if it less than 2 weeks since your test.
  • STI testing if you have no symptoms and wish to take a test for sexually transmitted infections please use the correct link below
  • Treatment if you have been diagnosed with / are a contact of an infection please call to discuss treatment.
  • Symptoms Please visit sexwise website for information on sexually transmitted infections.
    • If you have symptoms that you recognise as Thrush (candida) or Bacterial Vaginosis please consider pharmacy or over the counter treatments.
    • If you have symptoms that you recognise as a previous diagnosis of Herpes please read the BASHH advice page  and try home management.
    • If you have symptoms that are unlikely to be a Sexually Transmitted Infection please contact your GP.
    • Otherwise please call for a telephone consultation.
  • Contraception if you are not currently using contraception or want to change your method please visit the sexwise website for information on all contraceptive methods before contacting us.
    • Please call for a telephone consultation to discuss your desired method – we are offering a medication collection service for pills / patches / rings, nurse appointments for injections and appointments for IUD/IUS (Coil) and Implants.
    • Many methods can also be ordered via online pharmacies for home delivery or you GP can send a prescription to a local pharmacy.
  • Pregnancy
    • If you want to confirm a pregnancy please do a home test after you have missed a period or 3 weeks after the last time you had sex.
    • For termination of pregnancy call the South West London Central Booking Service on 03458725503 for residents registered with a GP in Kingston, Richmond, Merton, Wandsworth and Sutton.  (If you live outside of these London boroughs, please contact your GP).
    • If you are pregnant and have symptoms that are unlikely to be a Sexually Transmitted Infection please contact your GP or Midwife
  • PrEP – Pre Exposure Prophylaxis
    • If you are an existing patient on the PrEP IMPACT Trial we will contact you as required. If you need to contact us sooner please call the mobile and leave a message 07775406943.
    • If you are not on the trial and want to use PrEP please visit I Want PrEP Now. We will update our website when PrEP becomes available outside of the trial.
  • HIV Care
    • If you receive HIV care from us and need to speak to the team they can be reached on 02089342844.
    • If you receive HIV care from us and are admitted to hospital with confirmed or suspected COVID 19 please ask the medical team to inform our HIV team.
  • Mental Health Support – If you require support with your mental health  
  • Other
    • If you require further advice about sexual health please call the Sexual Health National Helpline on 03001237123.
    • If you require further advice about symptoms please call us.

          Parking at Kingston Hospital can be an issue so if you are travelling here by car please allow plenty of time to find a parking space. Due to our current social distancing conditions late arrivals may not be seen and will have to rebook.


          Coronavirus: Hospital information for patients and visitors

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