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CONNECT service

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A relationships and sexual advice service for people of all ages with learning difficulties, autism and aspergers.


The Connect service offers:-

  • relationships advice and information
  • information and advice about having safe sex
  • testing and treatment for STIs (sexually transmitted infections)
  • HIV testing, advice and counselling
  • free condoms and full contraception services

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For more information regarding what the patient is to expect in the Connect Clinic please see our  Connect Kingston patient booklet


Where is Connect held?

At The Wolverton Centre, a stand alone building, next to A&E at Kingston Hospital, Galsworthy Road, Kingston, Surrey KT2 7QB.


Who can attend Connect?

People of all ages with learning difficulties can attend and are welcome to come by themselves or can bring someone with them for support if they prefer.

Parents, carers and professionals can also book appointments for themselves for advice and support.


When is Connect held?

Every Tuesday from 1pm.

No referral is required to attend this service.


How to book an appointment

You can book your own appointment or ask someone to do it for you

Ask for a ‘Connect Appointment’ by:-

Phone:    020 8934 6845 and speak to the secretary (Jane or Emma)


Please complete this referral form to refer a patient to the Connect Service:   Connect External Referral Form

Some drop-in appointments are available during each Connect clinic – please telephone 020 8934 3399 to find out more.


Who works at Connect?                   

Health professionals from The Wolverton Centre at Kingston Hospital.​   All staff are approachable, non-judgemental and experienced at working with people with learning difficulties.

Sarah F – Nurse Richard – Nurse Marion – Doctor Souria – Doctor Louise – Technician Amanda – Technician


How do I get to the Connect clinic?

The Connect clinic is held at The Wolverton Centre at Kingston Hospital.  It is well served by public transport and we strongly recommend that patients and visitors use public transport to get to the hospital.  The hospital is very close to Norbiton Station and is served by good bus services into the surrounding areas.  A map of the hospital site is available here.

Getting to Kingston Hospital

Getting to The Wolverton Centre

There are a number of disabled parking spaces around the Hospital and 2 next to the Wolverton Centre.  See a map showing the location of the disabled bays (highlighted in blue)


Information and confidentiality

Information shared within Connect will be kept safe and private.  However, if a young person says something that suggests they are at serious risk of harm or danger, Connect staff may have to tell another adult in order to help.  In this situation, they would explain to the person who they would need to tell and why.

Support in between Connect clinics

If support or advice is needed between the monthly clinics there are other options.  These are:-

  • visit The Wolverton Centre for Sexual Health, Kingston Hospital, Galsworthy Road, Kingston, Surrey KT2 7QB
  • speak to a Nurse at The Wolverton Centre  Tel no. 020 8974 9331
  • visit Hawks Road Clinic, Kingston  Tel no. 020 8546 1115
  • visit KU19 – Guildhall Kingston, Hook Centre, Chessington, YMCA Surbiton  Tel no. 020 8549 6323
  • visit your GP, family planning centre or local pharmacy
  • phone the NHS ‘111‘ service (24 hours)


It is very important to contact someone straight away if you or someone you know:

  • has any pain, discharge or abnormal bleeding
  • thinks they may be pregnant
  • has had unprotected sex in the last 72 hours


ruready_booklet     Register for a “Come Correct” card at the Connect clinic to pick up free condoms from many venue across London and Surrey and be shown how to use a condom.


For more information about Connect and all of the services available at The Wolverton Centre phone:  020 8934 3399