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    By Telephone:

    020 8974 9331 (24-hour information line)

    Due to COVID-19 our current telephone line opening times are as follows:-

    Monday             8:00-3:30pm

    Tuesday           12:00-7:30pm

    Wednesday      12:00-7:30pm

    Thursday           8:00-1:00pm

    Friday                8:00-3:30pm

    Please note we are closed on all Bank Holidays

    Test Results queries

    Please allow up to 10 working days for your test results.  Results are sent by a text message from “NHS NoReply”.   If you have not received your results by the 11th working day after your visit to us, please telephone us on 020 8974 9331.


    Cancel/Re-arrange appointment

    If  you have an appointment booked with us that you can no longer make please let us know by:-

    Telephone  :  020 8974 9331  or

    Text              :  Reply to your appointment reminder text with the word CANCEL or

    Email           :   *


    PrEP* Impact trial general enquiries

    *PreEP is a pill that protects you from HIV.   It is a course of tablets that you take before and after sex.

    For any general enquiries about the trial please call the following confidential number leaving your full name, date of birth and mobile number.  We will be available Monday, Thursday and Friday 8am – 4pm and Tuesday and Wednesday 12pm – 7pm.  Messages are checked Monday to Friday and we aim to respond within 24 hours. Please note we have suspended trial recruitment for the foreseeable future. Click here for more information about PrEP.

    Mobile  :  07775 406943 

    General contact information

    By Post:
    The Wolverton Centre
    Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
    Galsworthy Road
    Kingston upon Thames
    Surrey   KT2 7QB

    Lead Consultant: Dr B Nathan

    Consultants: Dr G McCarthy, Dr S McMorrow, Dr Z Haider, Dr Haddow

    Lead Nurse:  Simon Green

    Safeguarding Lead Nurse/ Clinical Nurse Specialist : Judith Murray

    Service Managers: Sarah Quinnen & Lucy Knowles

    Compliments, comments and complaints

    Our staff are committed to providing the highest quality care to patients and visitors.

    Each year, we receive cards and compliments but we realise that from time to time you may have concerns, and we want to know when things are not as they should be. Please be reassured that care will not be adversely affected by any concerns raised with us. In the first instance our Service Managers or Matron may well be able to resolve any concerns you have and we would encourage you to contact them in the first instance.

    Direct line 020 8934 2389 Internal x2389 Email

    And of course, we’d love to hear if we got it right too. You can email us at or write to us – The Service Manager, The Wolverton Centre, Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Galsworthy Road, Kingston, Surrey KT2 7QB

    However, if you would like to discuss matters further, please contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) who would be happy to provide advice. PALS are available Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm: they can be found at the junction of the link corridor and Bernard Meade Wing. Ask a volunteer or a member of staff to show you the way.

    Direct line 0208 934 3993 Internal x3993 Bleep 993 Email

    Think we could do better for our patients?

    The Wolverton Centre has vacancies for Patient Experience Volunteers. To find out more, please contact Laura on 020 8934 2959, for an initial chat. Alternatively, please talk to a Wolverton Centre Receptionist. Find out more about Kingston Hospital Volunteering here.

    Your comments are really important to us.

    You can provide feedback by:

    So please do keep us up to date with your feedback. It really matters to us.



    *We would like to bring to your attention to the risks associated with communicating via email which are listed below.  Should you wish to communicate electronically in this way, you are confirming you have read and understood the risks associated with this and your email will act as your consent that information may be exchanged in this way.


    • Any information transferred out of the Kingston Hospital and network is NOT SECURE.
    • Your personal information will be open to physical access by hackers or other cyber products that have the ability to intercept emails without authority.
    • Your personal information could be intercepted by other family members or friends who have access to your email account.
    • Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust cannot be held responsible for the security of your personal information coming into and going out of our network in this case.
    • There is no guarantee that the information sent has not been changed before receipt.
    • The confidential email(s) sent could be forwarded to other members of the Public.
    • Your personal information will not be encrypted or sent in a locked file format due to software issues and cost implications.
    • You will not be informed of the exact date the information is sent.  It is your responsibility to retrieve the information.

    Kingston Hospital’s assurance: (to keep your information secure to the best of our ability when communicating via email).

    • A review of the information requested will be carried out and the Clinician/Hospital reserves the right not to email the information if deemed inappropriate or sensitive.
    • A copy of the information sent will be retained in your Health Record (if appropriate) and the origin of the information will be verifiable.
    • Emails sent by us will be marked with the subject “PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL’.
    • The information will only be sent from


    If you are contacting us by email, please be aware of the following:1) Disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. As we are a public authority all the written material we hold, including any correspondence you send to us, may be considered for release following a request to us under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 unless the information is exempt. 2) Security and emails.  Please be aware that emails you send us, and those that we may send to you, are not secure as email messages can be intercepted.